Monday, January 16, 2006

School of Economics: MAIN!!!!

My Letter to the College SecretaryThe School of Economics main building was the first building I visited when I decided to do this project (or attempted to start it) last December. The only reason I know why I was barred was because of a lock. But who can stop the Topnotcher from getting to the top? The Admin and the Janitors (who happen to be the Keeper of the Keys). But what is this word... stop?

Ate Vangie looking overThat's Ate Vangie right there. *sings* So I guess the question now is... why did they bar me without the letter?

When I chikka-d Tita Connie in SE-101, she did say that it was open before. And it was even a venue for events. It makes sense coz the floor area is wide. There are four divisions, with three overlooking courtyards (that land on the second floor - except for one, which is the first floor's atrium).

I have a concept of vanishing point!
Well, when asked why it's not used for venues anymore, Ate Vangie reasoned out (and logically I tell you, if you organize these types of events), "mahirap magbuhat ng upuan". But of course. Not when the rooftop is on the FOURTH floor, and you have to climb this flight of stairs.

colourful chairs!No, these aren't the chairs the students forgot to bring down. Those are -as usual- unused school furniture. They dumped construction material here as well and there's even a dusty ping-pong table.

If you remember from the Library Coverage, Tito Brando mentioned how rooftops are Suicide Hotspots.

Makes sense right? You'll get a nice concrete landing there, and if you hit the roof, no one will even notice you jumped off. (Readers: Disclaimer)

From ending life to er... starting it, Tita Connie had a different reason why the Rooftop was closed. According to her, it's become a lovers' hotspot. *snickers* As if they can really stop those things. Well, plenty of other fluids on this floor as well. There are as much WATER tanks as the number of staircases (4 tanks, 4 staircases - but only one staircase is openable to this rooftop).

Well, Economics is the study of allocation. Of scarce resources. And it's so cute how this tank overlooks Manila Water.

Thanks to this project, the Econ staff remembers me now, more than during the time I shifted into this school. I'd also like to thank my friend Kriselda for accompanying me and helping me in my recovering from my project tools panic.


At 16/1/06 15:50, Anonymous aei said...

woi celeni! i finally stumbled on your blog.. hehe. fun!

good luck with your project :]

At 16/1/06 16:02, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

haha. that was fast. i'm actually in class right now after reporting. LoL

At 9/4/06 21:36, Anonymous jopee said...

hi! I'm sure we don't know each other but I'm an econ student at UP Diliman. I stumbled on your blog as i was searching for SE's website. And wow, I really found it informative and interesting! after all, i haven't thought of climbing all the way up to the top floor, myself! very creative idea for a blog! keep it up! :D

At 9/4/06 21:44, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

thanks jopee! i'm so happy when i hear that people appreciate my "work" and how they stumble upon it on google searches for dear alma mater (not just SE but Diliman).

I'm redoing the SE Libe building since my friend helped me sneak sa rooftop, so watch out for that.


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