Saturday, January 14, 2006

Chem Pav Extra Feature

When I was covering the Chem Pavs, I peered through one window and saw a suspicious looking metal staircase. The type that *ideally* seems like a fire-escape staircase, only it's too narrow, too steep and the landing is too foresty to actually be a functional escape. Oh, and the staircase wasn't actually connected to the building itself, just the top.

Yes, even the cobwebs and the steepness weren't enough to stop the topnotcher get to her goal. And remarkably, the gate was locked. x_X

There's a door there, and due to recent studies, it's most probably (a) a stockroom, (b) a library, or (c) a (nuclear) hideout. It is the Chem pav's "rooftop" after all.

Above me was only the sky while I was secretly hoping that this isn't going to be the venue of my death. I most definitely didn't want to fall over crawling vines and cobwebs, much more die in them. Nothing could be more unglamorous, but I told my friend where exactly I was going to be, just in case.


At 26/1/07 23:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.. ive never seen this place before. to think that im a product of this institute! galeng.hehe


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