Thursday, January 12, 2006

CSSP (Department of Psychology): Palma Hall Annex

View from the top of PsychSoc's BloodlettingWell, the plea for temporary insanity is becoming a popular legal defence (even for me). No wonder there are so many Psychology majors in my University. No wonder they have to have their own annex. The Palma Hall Annex (PHAN) was established during the tenure of (Former Dean) Dr. Elizabeth Ventura as the chairperson of the department in 1985.

Nice pattern for mind cognition (I'm inventing my psych jargon here). Probably a projection of a mental projection of the view from the garden. Baudrilliard would be so proud.

All the pictures were taken from the 3rd Floor of the PHAN. What's in it? Starting from that tree-projection end, to its left is a conference room labelled as Room 018 (odd numbering for the third floor) HPD. Next to it is the Female Restroom (still under construction). Across the conference room is Rm 304, Silid Kalaw-Ledesma (where my informant friend recently took one of her exams in). Rm 301, 302 & 303 are classrooms (incidentally, venues for Focus Group Discussions as well, and I clearly remember the first one I ever attended in the university was about LiveJournal culture).

Big surprises on how Rm 305 turns out to be Aklatang Virgilio G. Enriquez, a student-created library. Rm 307 is the Perceptual Experimental Lab and connected to this is Rm 309, a classroom labelled Audio-Visual Perception Lab (see photo above). Wicked plastic red chairs.

Between Rm 307 and 309 is a Subject Pool Announcement Bulletin Board. This is where students taking higher psych subjects who need subjects for experiments post notices for people who need to fulfill experiment-subjecting quota (imposed by the popular subject offered by the department, Psych 101). Finally, on the left-most side of the building (in reference to the staircase), you have Room 313-315, a combined room labelled as the Social Cognition Lab. This is where enlistment of Department of Psychology subjects are done. Near it, near the darker staircase, is a stack of sad, unused chairs.

For Bathroom Concerns, the *nicest* loos in the area is on this floor. Thank you psych(o) students.

Love Lots,
the Topnotcher (I shall take a subject here... soon!)


At 13/1/06 00:40, Blogger Vigile said...

i like that pic cK! XD

At 14/1/06 10:52, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

thanks vigile! if you're referring to the topview, here's the original, unedited pic:

At 14/1/06 22:56, Anonymous Chubby said...

I love this! Hahaha. Bias.

At 14/1/06 23:05, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

mwehehehe. thanks for the information. although you didn't come with me na during the shoot. :P


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