Monday, January 09, 2006

Vinzons Hall

Located right next to the popular student organization tambayan Vinzons Hill, Vinzons Hall is home for different Offices in the university aimed to assist various student concerns and endeavours (the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, University Student Council, STFAP, etc.) The Rooftop, is really the 4th floor.

I already have a silly experience with the Vinzons Rooftop. Earlier in this academic year, I thought that V-Rooftop listed as the venue of my PE Class was in this building. I literally went there. Just to find out that there was another building in the University that started with "V". Favulous.

On the leftmost side of the staircase are two, padlocked doors. Room 402 and the Activity Center. These rooms are being leased as venues for events of different student organizations. I took a peek through where the original doorknob should have been on Room 402, rather, my camera lens was sleuth-y enough.

Personally, I've been to a Vinzons Rooftop event. For location and facilities (and rating pegged to UP Diliman Facility Standards), I give it 1.5 stars out of 5. Barely passing. Pfft. As mentioned, the other room is also for venue.

The last room, separated by the divider that cuts where the staircase ends, is Room 401. This is otherwise known as the Philippine Collegiate Office, the official student publication of the University.

I still have a friend from Collegian, I just forgot to ask her to bring me around. Maybe I'll put self-referencing entry if I get anything more interesting about this.

TTFT (Ta ta for Today)!
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