Tuesday, January 10, 2006

College of Law: Bocobo Hall (Law Center)

Completing the complex Law Complex, is Bocobo Hall, a.k.a. the Law Center. You can find a notary public there to notarize whatever legal documents (at least that's what I went there for before this project). My impression is it seems more like a bunch of offices instead of a part of the instructional aspects of the University.

Nonetheless, it was one of those buildings with a working elevator (UP Diliman??? Working Elevator????). Sue me for using it instead of the stairs, but it was pretty fascinating finding a working lift in the University. Levels 1, 2, 3, P. At first, my friend Grego (who wants to go to Law School now), thought P was a misprint for R = rooftop. Hehe. Apparently it's for penthouse. Interestingly, it was a deserted penthouse.

If Alexander Santiago was failing Constitutional Law here instead of there, he would probably skip the gun and go here (that's as good as two shots). It's such an easy-access suicide portal. Good thing the stars were there to guide us.

The floor has very low ceiling, as low as 2m. Anyway, the Penthouse of this building contained a Penthouse Lecture Hall.

The seating capacity is HUGE. It doesn't seem recently abandoned or anything, but it doesn't seem very used nor new. Next to the Penthouse Lecture Hall, is the Extension Room.

This room had three subdivisions. It looks almost classroomy, only on each division, it contains a different generation of chairs (from the metal with foam padding 70s type of chair to the sleeker black plastic types). I had tons of picture inside the Extension Room and the PLH, but somehow, they all turned out Sadako-blurry.

There was one room that didn't seem like your average classroom. It looked more like a small conference hall, with a dining-esque table with a pistachio green table cloth and surrounded by monobloc chairs. At one end of the room was this:

Why does it feel like it's fresh from a mafia meeting?

That's it for your daily dose of top building, Law Complex special. Hopefully, I'm still in the running to be legally blonde este... brunette.

Love Lots,
The Topnotcher


At 14/1/06 22:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grammar nitpick: Alexander would probably skip the gun and go there.

This is so incredibly useless, dude, but I like how it's so pretty anyway.


At 14/1/06 22:20, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

How can this be useless when no one has ever done this before? I'm a scholar for top floors. Thanks for the grammar correction Eve. ;)

At 14/1/06 22:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, people contemplating suicide would actually find use in this. I retract my earlier statement, but you should probably also link to a help hotline. :|


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