Sunday, January 15, 2006

National Institute of Physics: The Llamas Science Hall a.k.a. the Physics Pav

Wrong Classroom?It's easy to get lost in a building that isn't sure of its numbering. And this is coming from a University unit that should be mathematics-centric. But I'm here to mitigate the unforeseen circumstances that a freshman can encounter. And this is to clarify, what's really on top of the now "old" Physics building, Pav 3.

I've already explained the classroom numbering system in the pavilions, however, the Physics Pav has some "special" provisions. First of all their upmost floor is the 2nd Floor, but apparently, it's the 2.25th Floor, which I will discuss later. It's established that it's Pav 3, so the 4-digit room codes must start with 3 right? Apparently, not all. The Physics Pav is shaped this way:
I drew this!!!
Okay, I'm an Econs major, not a wannabe Architect. Let's focus on the hall shaded green. The classrooms on this side has the starting number 4 (From L-R: Rm 4234 - 4228), but you cannot access it through Pav 4, or the Bio Pav. The staircase near the hall is the only access point, which is of course, only available via the main entrance of the Llamas Science Hall. As seen on the first photo, even the classroom number was painted wrong for Rm 4228.

The First Quarter Storm GalleryA current gallery on the misleading hall.

Notices Chalkboard
If you go to the blue hall on my floor-plan from the staircase, it's paved with faculty rooms and lecture rooms. There are blackboards like this one that serve as exam notice-boards. The rooms on this hall start at 3200 - 3220. Rm 3200 is the Theoretical Physics Group, 3201-3215 are classrooms. Rm 3204, with the door opened at 3206 is the Office of the Director of the National Institute of Physics. All the other even-numbered rooms are Faculty Lairs (although Rm 3210 is a Conference Room).

Red Hall Shot
As mentioned, the "real" up-most floor is the red hall, elevated by four steps from the second floor. It overlooks AS Walk, and aside from the Supply and Property Office (Rms 3224 - 3226), Rms 3228-3236 (even only) are also, Faculty Lairs.

Ancient Bulletin BoardThe Pavs make you feel that you're studying Science in the 18th Century (that^unused bulletin board shows that, during the time the National Institute was just a Department). Very ancient. A lot of Science majors complain about it, so the NIP currently has its new headquarters near Katipunan.


At 18/1/06 02:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ako rin, nacoconfuse sa physics building :)

At 18/1/06 02:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ako rin, nacoconfuse sa physics building :)


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