Monday, January 09, 2006

School of Economics: Library Building

First entry would of course start with "home." Home to more than the students of the School of Economics, the Library Building houses not only the UPSE's Library but also the Diosdado Macapagal Hall. Why is the library building a literal "hot spot" even for non-Econ majors? It is one of the more popular and more stable locations to get Wireless Internet via the Diliman Servers.

Entering the library part of the building will require special access already. You need to be a University student/faculty/staff/alumni. As I deposited my ID, I asked Tita Belen if the next floor was the top-most floor already. She said yes, the third floor was the highest floor in the building. I deposited my ID and made my way up until I reached the end of the staircase.
So there it is, the 3rd Floor of the Library Building was the Filipiniana/Serials section of the library. The entire space isn't fully air-conditioned, but there's a 150-seating capacity on this floor.
Other features included carrels for graduate students, offices (Rooms 35 - 38), comfort rooms, this weird sink area, and the French Documentation Centre (of the College of Arts and Letters - I know, I found it surprising as well).

As I further explored, I saw the now abandoned photocopying area where I got my first Econ 11 exercise sets copied. And then...
I felt betrayed! It says Exit, but no one can really exit. I checked it out for myself:
A hidden staircase! Tita Belen betrayed me. I approached Tito Brando who told me that access is only granted to janitors. The rooftop used to be covered in asphalt but when there was extra funding for the school last academic year, they put a roof to the rooftop. He then told me that they're tight on security there because a student from BA committed sucide from the rooftop once.

I went out of the building in frustration. Next time, I'll really try to access one of the school's rooftops. So here's a view of the top from the ground floor:

I'll probably get a chance again. See you around campus!

Love Lots,
the Freakonomista
(1/14: mwehehe... I'm going to rename myself as "the Topnotcher" thou')


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