Wednesday, January 11, 2006

College of Education: Benitez Hall

View of the West Wing from the East WingAh. The school that trained (most of) my high school mentors and the country's top educators. Some of them well, go here as a portal to the bigger world. It all starts here. The building of the College of Education is referred to as Benitez Hall, after Dean Francisco Benitez.

The building has two staircases, one closes at 6:45PM (the one on the right when you enter the building, which will be referred to in this entry as the East side). The West side seems more accessed, because it's the side that leads to the Library. The East wing and West wing is connected by the library, and is in reality, just one big floor, but the door of the library from the East wing is closed (the obvious reasons? Security, lack of personnel).

As mentioned, the Library is accessed from the West Wing. The top floor of this wing also has Room 304, Male & Female Restrooms, Room 312, and the department where you can ask for advice:

Yes, I would refer you to the Department of Reading on the Second Floor, but if you can read better On-line, it says "Department of Special Education". But then again, aren't we all special?

If you go down the second level and go back up to the East Side, this is what will greet you and a Female Restroom. At the end of the hall is a dilapidated door labelled as the "Asian Training Center". Room 315-C and the rest of the corridor seems to be called the Health Education Area.

The other end of the wing was Room 311, which to my *surprise* is another store room.

Psychotically, went inside the room. There was your typical broken glasses and abandoned furniture. So if you need a torture chamber, you know where to go (it's wide open).

Hopefully, it's not children they abuse. From one window on this floor, it perfectly overlooks the experimental/training grounds of this soon-to-be-teachers, the UP Integrated School.


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