Sunday, January 15, 2006

Institute of Biology: Biology Pavilion (Pav 4)

The Institute of Biology recently had a great loss. Dr. Wilfredo Barraquio passed away last January 2, when he had a stroke as he was rushing to his 7:00 AM class on that day that classes resumed. When I visited the last Pavilion of Palma Hall, the first thing that greeted me was a 11-day-old commemoration set (candles and flowers) on the spot where he got the attack. May his soul rest in peace.

Like Pav 2 and 3, Pav 4's top floor was its second level. The hall was narrower than its Chemistry and Physics counterparts because of the supply cabinets that pave the corridor. Vials, measuring devices, chemicals, preserved life forms. The Institute is in partnership with Idea Wild, because there was a poster of the organization plastered on one of the supplies cabinet.

Aside from the excessively stuffy corridor, the rooms are just like the rest of the pavs: teachers' lairs, stockrooms, labs, lecture rooms.

Keeping in mind that the odd and even rooms are across each other (again), noteable rooms are: Rm 4200 is the Preparation Room. The picture above is a huge classroom, from Rm 4201 - 4205 (three doors). Rm 4202 was one of the faculty rooms, but I was amused because it was F.C. Evangelista's and a M.R.S. Sumugat. They're not in the faculty listing, so I'm not sure if they were ancient faculty members who were so special they had nameplates on the door. Rm 4212 is a Store Room, with Clearances being issued ("Clearance issued here"). Rm 4214 - 4216 is a Tissue Culture Room (I'm so tempted to make a Kleenex joke - ay, I said it na). Rm 4215 is the General Equipment Laboratory, and next to it, Rm 4217 is the room for Cytology and Microtechnique. Rm 4220 is the Chemical Biology Research Lab, and 4222 is the Toxicology Lab. The room has a Ladies' Room, which I didn't check out. But one end of the hall had an interesting ancient feature.

I'm sure they keep that so that they'll have unlimited supply of microbes to study (from the students' stomachs of course, after they drink from it). Dr. Barraquio was a Microbio prof.


Credits: My Basic Life Saving Classmate/Bio Major Dianne, who remembered me and gave me the name of the professor who died (only I heard it as "Marciao"). Nicolo for first posting about his death, and Jowee for correcting my hearing ailment.


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