Tuesday, January 17, 2006

National Institute of Physics: Research Wing

The NIP Building should ideally be an entire complex, a group of beautiful buildings whose model has been collecting dust in Pav 3, and the longest construction probably known to mankind lying in the corner of C.P. Garcia and Katipunan Avenues. Almost a year ago (Jan. 25th), physics majors and physics-subject takers all over campus celebrated the opening of the new Research Wing. Note that it's only the Research Wing that is open, Lecture Halls, Administration, and the Faculty Wing is still waiting for the money tree to grow back in their "real" worlds.

NIP Model

The Research Wing is just BEAUTIFUL anyway. The staircase I first climbed stretched up to the fifth floor where the rooftop was. However, the main staircase was a beautiful colourful mural that ended only on the fourth floor. The building was illuminated with a beautifully architectured sunroof.

The rooftop itself was still super clean and super not locked (the building was unguarded as well - the guard had his lunch and apparently he's new so didn't know anything much about the building). The scary thing was:

hip-level ledge! am i just gonna die?

My knees were shaking with the lack of protection. It was scorching hot and I felt was alone (at least I know no one will push me). I don't want to fall into a nicely structured, spanking clean parking lot.

parking lot

It's so not going to be my type of free-falling exercise (Again Readers: Disclaimer).


From that physics problem, I can't help but resolve the blue-sky question. High-noon Photography + New Physics Building ? So Hot.

The Building from the top-side

This is my favourite rooftop so far. It was as if they defied quantum mechanics and you can morph yourself into different places. You can see the urban backdrop that the Katipunan area has, and if you look back, there's the farmland-esque feeling. I really like how picturesque the entire building was, but for the rest of the views from the rooftop, there's a separated album from the photo annex.


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