Monday, January 16, 2006

College of Mass Communication: Plaridel Hall

Annex Landing
From a building close to my heart, to another. Welcome to Plaridel Hall of The College of Mass Communication. Not really the highest building in the University, it is dissectible into two buildings connected by a skywalk. Its highest level is the second floor (albeit having a basement), so there was a lot to explore.

Since effective Mass Communication is direct and succinct, I'll keep it as short as possible. Starting from the Annex, the second floor lobby already has two couch sets. One was made out of bamboo, and the other one was made out of faux leather cushioning. The Annex is home to the Department of Communication Research (A-200) and the college's library (access to all university students, but only students of the college can check out books).

View from Skywalk
After being a skywalker, there's the Main building, the original structure in the complex. Obviously, the oldest department, Departmento ng Pamamahayag (Journalism) is here, and so is the Departmento ng Brodkast (Broadcast Communication). There are a few classrooms, and @ M-205 is the Office of Research and Publication and the Office of Extension and External Relations. It's also were the faculty toilets were allocated.

Org Tambayans
Students will most probably be seen on this wing since it can easily be accessed. The student organization tambayans are located on this wing, and so is the college's canteen.

Canteen KidsIf by any time you chance upon their Menu 4 Today, make sure to get one of their scrumdeliumcious eclairs (@ PhP 10 a piece, I once ate four in a span of one day).


At 18/1/06 07:50, Anonymous Victor said...

close to your heart daw. whatever... you left this college na. hmp. hehehe :p

At 18/1/06 07:51, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

victor: ahem. leaving administratively (meaning, not a REGISTERED student) doesn't mean I've left it completely. I just had a relative change of heart, and in case you've noticed, that shift is from journ to film. :P


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