Wednesday, January 18, 2006

National Institute of Geological Sciences

Q: Anong malamig na building sa UP?
A: sa PHAN
Q: Eh saan mas malamig?
A: sa Eh-con
Q: So saan ang pinakamalamig?
A: Sa NyyyyyyIGggS *with matching teeth-chattering*
Well, the National Institute of Geological Sciences really has a natural cave-like coolness to it, minus the stalagmites and stalactites protruding from its floors or ceilings.

faculty room hall
The building is in a U shape and in the hall pictured above, the doors on the right (Rms 221-228) are faculty offices, with a lounge-y space after 224. The rooms across these doors is their Cities Service-Nido Audio-Visual Room (Rm 231-232) and there's the NIGS Seminar Room (Rm 230 - and renovated by their alumni).

classroom naman diyan
Going to the parallel hall, you'll see more of these lecture halls. Most of them are specially labelled:

210 Vertebrate and Invertebrate Paleontology Room (Under Priscilla J. Militante-Matias)
211 Historical Geology Room
214 Geophysics Laboratory
215 Lecture Room
216 Undergraduate Microscopy Laboratory

And on the space the connects these parallel halls, you'll have no troubles finding more Instructors' Lairs (Rm 217 - a room that has one door but branches out into more offices), the Institute's Administrative Staff Office and the Office of the Director ... and! finally, Room 219 is the Library (yes, this was bound to come).

So, I left them to explore the earth, while I continued exploring my top floors.


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