Thursday, January 19, 2006

Faculty Centre (FC)

Well, there's no order to this thing, but some might suspect that this is the "If Students Were Terrorist, These Are the Building They'll Bomb First" series. But er... NO.

You think the third floor of the FC is already its top floor but again... you're wrong. And let the Topnotcher, take it a notch higher. The center staircase (near the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts), you'd find a hidden staircase illuminated with a dusty stench and 0% light. It's a stash room of theatre props. And if you want to be amused, let's play spot-the-difference (I took this picture four days earlier)

On the "fake" upperfloor, the 3rd Floor, is generally home to some of the departments of the College of Social Science and Philosophy as well as the College of Arts and Letters. There's the Department of Political Science (image), Sociology (image), Anthropology, Geography (image) and Philosophy. Of course, for CAL, it's just the Speech Comm & Theatre Arts Dept.

Aside from those departments, some noteable rooms include: the Gonzalo W. Gonzalez Reading Room (Rm 3122), the Silid Amado V. Hernandez (filled with computers - Rm 3124) , and... the place my teacher might end up in now that his first-floor corridor is dying out on him.

where my teacher should go
Well, I always look for more staircases to climb. I never thought it'll be my true calling, but Fire Escapes are becoming a favourite. This is what I see:

The *new* AS-FC walkway. And, it only took one year to complete! Hurrah! And yes, it was raining, and I came from AS, so I didn't get wet.

No jumping!!! Even if you can't work out your cinco or kwatro or INC.


At 26/9/07 09:00, Blogger Jun said...

Good job!

I've never been to all buildings of UPD myself, so I find all these pictures you've taken very educational (pun intended).

Keep up the good work! (what a cliche! Hmmm, how do I enter an accented "e"?).


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