Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Department of Math: Math Building (MB)

The Department of Mathematics... they don't even need an easy-to-access rooftop, most people believe that the subject matter is suicidal in itself (look at the traffic on prof inquiry). I think it's *not* allowed to access the rooftop, but since it was turn-of-periods when I got there, it was relatively easy to sneak. And look! There's manong busily dusting off the debris of mathematics.

Honestly, how can people even think that Maths is suicidal? Look at how zen the entire building is designed to be. Obviously like any equation, things should be balanced out. The Chaos Theory needs to be placed in an atmosphere of peace.

Chaos theory? Or dilapidated torture "chambers"?

I have a friend who actually starred in certain film graduate's thesis film that was set in this building. They *somehow* transformed it into a high school and in the first minute of the film, the female protagonist jumps off the rooftop. The jumping itself was implied in the images (I figured they won't have the equipment to make the girl actually jump), but it was one of the best packaging (framing?) of the Math Building I've ever seen.

There's the National Institute of Physics (ugly scaffold destroying the image). Chaos Theorists will be happy (or bothered?) that they can easily access each other's facilities.

After seeing this, I'm contemplating if I should go back to all the buildings I've visited and insist that I "place my mark" (as they suggested). On second thought... not! I don't believe in vandalism (albeit enjoying reading them), and I'm already making my mark here.


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