Sunday, February 19, 2006

UP Vanguard

The third building in the University to start with "V", I once thought that the V-Rooftop on my Form-5 meant Vinzon's Rooftop, resulting to a very embarassing incident that I wish not to recall. The Vanguard Rooftop is on the third level of the building, home to the now optional ROTC programme, the Judo/Martial Arts Sparring Room and the Dance Classes of Professor Mynette Aguilar (coz she finds the dance area in the main gym too noisy).


At 26/4/06 15:39, Blogger +shadow+ said...


thank you for posting this vid.

i'm an incoming freshie and i was looking for the "best" PE subject to take.

i guess that's line dance in the vid. i was considering line dance as my PE subject, and because of that, i've made my choice. :D

thanks again!

At 18/5/06 11:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahaha. this video is making me laugh so much. i'm an old alumnus (student number 93-XXXXX) and the v-rooftop video brought a deluge of memories. your blog's pretty hip. :-)

At 13/2/07 16:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

student number 93? u call urself old? my sn is 82! then i must be really old! good to see the rooftop again.

At 10/10/07 04:42, Blogger komski kuno said...

hmmm, sa dance area kami ah, hehe=) the best ang tap dancing=) maaga kasi yung class namin kaya hindi pa maingay siguro.

At 21/9/08 12:29, Blogger Vhortex said...


that is where we perform anis/kali. that is also the area where the blackhawks gather.


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