Monday, January 23, 2006

UP Computer Center

You might be surprised how some topfloors are just the 2nd Floors, but I guess the bigger surprise is how the UP Computer Center is an abberation to all tekkie-ness. Both the fa├žade and the interior is still 70's-ish old, as if it never had a single paint job since it was first built. Not that it's bad, but it seems more like an unmaintained government unit (which technically, it is) than a computer center.

The second floor really is more like a house than anything. There's the main office of the Computer Center which handles the administrative duties, yet it was really relatively empty. During pre-CRS season, this is where individuals scurry to get their UP Webmail Accounts. Of course, since it's midterm, no one worries about the next semester's registration so the floor was empty. The Webmail account should really be renamed because no one uses it for mail anyway, and if they do, they usually have it forwarded to their Gmail or (insert name of their default e-maill servers). The account is handy for two things: CRS and Wireless Internet access.

And with that, Ping-Pong tables joined the ranks of Libraries and School Furniture Tambakan in our Topfloor Favourites.


At 30/3/06 05:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this is the computer center, whee are th computers?

At 30/3/06 08:30, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

hahaha. on the first floor anonymous.


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