Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Chemical Engineering Laboratory

I did want to be a scientist once, when I realised that being a doctor was such a generic kid dream. I then realised that I just appreciate scientific concepts, I don't have a knack for researching about them. Plus, the schools I end up in are hubs to the worst-funded labs in the country (yes, even my private Catholic all-girls high school had bad labs). Major turn-off? Luckily, the UP Chemical Engineering Laboratory didn't turn me off. Getting additional funding? Maybe. Or most probably, private corporate sponsors - in this country, they work more efficient than the government anyway.

The site was still under construction but of course, I had to go up. I know the building was labelled as lab, but there's a Computer Room and a Conference Room in it. There are five other labs as well: Process, Thermal Systems, Kinetics, Materials and the Environmental Engineering Laboratory. Don't ask me to differentiate, I just know they're there, paved along those narrow catwalks that have scary railing that "protect" you from those heavy equipment downstairs.

This one is the Distillation Unit. If Chemical X isn't there, you might still want to try to be a Powerpuff Girl.

View of the trees and the dorm across the Lab Building.


At 27/1/06 00:02, Blogger Eric, 6th Lord of Lazy said...

I love the shot. It looks perfect for the climactic shootout/rescue of kidnapped girlfriend/mother/sister/dog in a Robin Padilla action flick.


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