Saturday, January 28, 2006

Non-Building Post: Peyups LJ Community

I fulfilled quota (tee-hee: 35 posts, 33 of which are valid) but I still have tons of pending buildings to post, and some key buildings to check out. But that's beside the point of this entry. If you're from the UP System or in the entire Filipino university Online following, might be on your bookmark, even if you're not part of the forums (they stopped signing in people for some time). Anyway, an LJ community was patterned after the Peyups phenomena. And if you like this site (or my lightly-edited pictures -- yes, I actually have good composition skills when it comes to my digital ... why-oh-why with manual I can't do it, I don't really know), better check out the new layout of the community created by userinfoqueen_of_paine


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