Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Church of the Risen Lord

Oi Peyups People! I'm back. Sort of. Consider it the return of the prodigal son. Only I'm a daughter. But if you really want genuine entertainment from A prodigal son, watch Pinoy Big Brother, Celebrity Edition.

My comeback brings topofyourschool on top of the Church of the Risen Lord, otherwise known as the UP Protestant Church. The structure itself is designed by Cesar Concio, the same guy responsible for Palma Hall and Melchor.

The top floor is the second floor, that opens to a huge landing which serves as a good venue for events. The signboard says "Happy Birthday Jesus."

Obviously, still in a hangover from that old holiday. Which reminds me, Belated Happy Valentine's Day. (Consider this a blasphemous gift, but it might bring you to a different floor)

Aside from the wide, spacey venue for events, there's the Gentlemen's Loo, The Ecumenical Ministry Foundation Incorporation Board Room, Christian Education and University Ministries Offices.


At 20/6/08 14:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, i am a member of CRL. you featured the GG Hall, which houses the library, admin office, boardroom, etc. You should have gone up the choir loft, inside the sanctuary. the church looks good from up there ;-)

At 12/4/09 10:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. The GG Hall has drastically changed over the years.

Take a pic of the actual sanctuary. So serene...I miss it. Very good acoustics too.


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