Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Diliman Interactive Learning Center

Any first timer in the Diliman Republic would probably be surprised of this slab of Emerald City in the campus. It's not my first time here, because the top floor of this building is the HQs of the school's Computerized Registration System team. Meaning students, lions, t(h)in men and the like, seek their personal wizards in this pseudo-Oz.

Personally, I just wanted to drop the "business" in the major that the database dictated me to have (my major is Economics, but they put me in Business Economics). Nothing happened the first time, so I re-walked the yellow brick road. The gold standard isn't my standard anymore.

I was entertained by two student team members, Jack and Juris. Jack was a girl. Then I saw a spiral staircase and after those two became my personal "Good Witches" ... and they were nice enough to allow me to follow my instinct.

Real upperfloor? Computer stocks. Actually, they're just boxes. Boring. Someone get me back my ruby slippers.


At 25/1/06 18:56, Anonymous ia said...

Computerized Registration System.

La lang. Ang hi-tech nila dun. De-swipe na IDs and such. :P

At 25/1/06 19:04, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

hehe, thanks for the correction sofia. at oo nga, i'm sooo pathetic for actually trying to open it from the outside, high-security area pala siya. LoL.


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