Friday, January 27, 2006

Technology Business Incubator

TBIMost of us undergraduates really have no use whatsoever to the UP Ayala Technopark. They don't hold "regular" classes there for us younger ones. But being Topnotcher, I just had to see the heights of this area for myself.

The Technology Business Incubator (TBI) was the first building opened in the UP Ayala Technopark, an actualization of a vision that started in 1986 to boost the Science and Technology programme of the University. The TBI was established in 1993 and inagurated in 1997, as funded by the DOST.

As I climbed up the beautiful grand-ish staircase that ended on the 2nd floor, a bunch of poinsettias where there. Hanging on to the Christmas season, hm? On this floor is the Conference Training Center and SHARED Asia Pacific (A Project of the Center for Economic Policy Research). Towards the end of the hall was one of those access-points to the "real" upperfloor.

Ta-da! Technology is supposed to procure higher output (to adjust to the diminishing marginal productivity of both capital and labour), and in the long run, alleviate this:

A squatters area in Katipunan and Elizabeth Hall - a Girl's Dormitory in the background.

The other building in the Technopark, the Advanced Science and Technology Institute, was everything I disliked about government units. It's actually a pretty good common trend. They tire you out with bureaucratic measures, and you leave the place not accomplishing anything ... because of what? Undecisive second-in-commands and unimaginative minds. "This isn't a school, this is a research institute" my ass.


At 28/1/06 11:46, Anonymous ia said...

Naghhold ng CS 12 (2nd CS course in the curriculum) classes sa ASTI up until this schoolyear, when the classroom was relocated to the 5th floor of Melchor Hall. It's called MJEC (Mirant-Java Educational Center). We like getting Milo or Nescafe the vendo there. But the guard is a bit mataray. ^_^

At 28/1/06 11:59, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

Sayang. If they haven't relocated I could easily pretend to be a CS student.


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