Wednesday, January 25, 2006

National Center for Transportation Studies

Let me just remind my dear readers that yes, this is still On Top of UP Diliman, and not a cross-post of say, Usapang Kalye. I know what you're thinking... where in Diliman is the National Center for Transportation Studies? Well, it exists, and it's there right behind DILC.

The guard thought I'd be going for class. But she let me up, since the highest was just the second floor. In it were a library (what's new?), Director's Office, a Transportation and Environmental Laboratory, ... and a non-NCTS unit, the Electronic Data Processing branch of the Office of the University Registrar.

Funny you have to manually transport yourself in this building. And here's your very traditional fire escape (I sense that this will be a topfloor favourite soon). But before you leave, check out the smile-your-face effect on the overlooking middle courtyard:


At 25/1/06 21:01, Anonymous Taxi Driver said...

Gee. Didn't know there was a National Center for Transportation Studies. Will link you (pandaraya ba? hehe...will do 51 entries, then).

At 10/2/06 18:24, Anonymous huggybear said...

Actually, there are 4 labs in NCTS:
1. Traffic Engineering & Management Lab
2. Transportation Planning Lab
3. Urban & Regional Systems Analysis Lab
4. Transportation & the Environment lab

At 10/2/06 18:47, Anonymous huggybear said...

hey your cute..can we meet?

At 10/2/06 18:47, Anonymous huggybear said...

hey you're cute..can we meet?


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