Monday, January 23, 2006

National Engineering Centre: Juinio Hall

Hello, building deux on the Eng'g Complex. The National Engineering Centre (a.ka. Juinio Hall) was established in 1978 and is the college extention that carries out transactions that merge the academe to private firms. Ergo, if commercial/government ventures need some structural consultations with the academic pool the institution has to offer, they do project proposals here, and not in the College of Engineering Administration.

The staircases are made out of metal, very engineering-ish and the industrial era-like.

There are three access points to the top floor of the building, which is the 4th Floor. It's one of those buildings that has the typical rectangle shape and a huge rectangular courtyard right smack the center.

Well, way up here, you have several headquarters. There's the UP Miners Club, the Eng'g Web Team Lounge for Student Assitants, the Undergraduate Thesis Laboratory, Japan Official Development Assistance (JICA), and tons of offices for the University of the Philippines System - Controller Budget Office (UPS-CBO).

Well, there's the guard station over there. I decided to look for my not-so-long-lost godfather whom I last bump into in this building back when I was still in high school. He used to run the NEC, which was excellent, and the other excellent part was that he relocated on the topfloor!! He has several offices there, and holds some of his classes and research in that floor (under the Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering).

There were tons of potted plants on this floor. Guess that's postmodern industrialisation for you.


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Juinio Hall? May iba pala siyang pangalan.


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