Monday, January 23, 2006

College of Engineering: Melchor Hall

It's a well-known fact that the Academic Oval should be more-or less symmetrical. Thus, Palma Hall is *almost* the same building as Melchor. So I expected the 5th Floor to be on top of the Engineering/(ex)Architecture building. Classrooms, an AVR with a kitchen, a defunct elevator, paranormal mirrors, a rusty gate that leads to a tambakan, a view towards a "higher" floor, (Eng'g) students who don't know what the Architecture people used it for, and a janitor who has never been there.

What do you know? I took advantage of the Gateway. It wasn't difficult, but it was noisy, which was perfectly covered since the floor was getting crowded for an exam to be facilitated by P&G. My stealth points are increasing again.

I don't do ladders, but I'm surprised I managed the steepest staircase I've seen in my life. It was so scary.

There was a cat sitting on a chair that moved out. The entire floor was creepy even in broad daylight. Even with the cat, I somehow felt it's a mice's kingdom. I think the school's computer servers are here, generators, and some funky dome that contains a spiral staircase that ends on top of the dome.

These models became a total clue that this was an architecture tambakan.

The view from the top of Gonzales Hall (Main Library) was breath-taking (you can also view Iglesia ni Kristo on another side). Almost as breath-taking as the allergens that were present in that room. I can't believe I was THIS HIGH to go THIS HIGH.


At 23/1/06 11:25, Blogger drakulita said...

huuuuuuuuuy we still want to see you alive in class! grabe!

baka naman you're unconsciously suicidal? ingat!

At 23/1/06 17:51, Blogger Teh Topnotcher said...

hahaha. thanks for the concern quel. actually, i don't think i'm sucidal, kasi everytime i go up rooftops, i can still feel my heart beating out of the rush from fear of heights (isn't this supposed to be the least of the concerns of suicidals who choose rooftops as their medium? - goes and check for links)

At 29/3/06 21:33, Anonymous usiserong payaso said...

Saw your blog. Great pics. I grew up as a kampus kid in the 50's (dad was a UP Prof) and the tops of some new buildings I have never seen. Took art classes as an 8 year old in FA classrooms on top of the main lib. Melchor Hall top used to be where you could take your gf to kiss and more! Keep it up!

At 23/9/07 10:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im an arki student, people used to smoke and make-out in that "tambakan"


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