Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vidal Tan Hall

Vidal Tan Hall. One of those buildings that I absolutely have no clue what its for, although I had fond high school competitions in its Auditorium. Under the National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education Development, The top floor of the hall was the third floor.

I'm getting tired of all the fake topfloors that I have to cover but end up covering because I never think it goes a notch higher. Well, this one, I skipped for obvious reasons. I don't do ladders.

I never knew I had acrophobia until this project started. So forget skinny rusty ladders that lead to actual rooftops. I'll just walk in doors.

How apt. Someone WAS watching. The room I entered used to be leased by the UP Open University.

I guess it was okay that I was cordially escorted by the janitress out after that woman in the Chemistry lab saw me. Most of the rooms in the floor (around 10 of them) are for instructional development (there were rooms like High School Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, et al.). The janitress personally felt that their building was ugly. I had to disagree with her. Maybe you probably do too.


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