Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mme Ventanilla's effe-ce-mod.

I was intending to look like an orange, but they insisted I was a carrot.
Carrot you say? I shall bring you to my vegetable patch. But first, I need to print my access letters.

"Oh, you can do it in Pop-I."
"Popeye? Don't they serve chicken there?"
"Not anymore, it's the Population Institute."

And then, there it was. A rooftop. A rooftop I should've been to, but haven't been to. I now knew where my vegetable patch was going to be.

Hmph. Them camwhores. Although they did find my lush, green "home".

Ah... overlooking the lairs of those homework slaves. I wasn't tall enough to capture the courtyard without falling off the ledge. Although I was LITERALLY ON THE ROOF.

Even if I intended to be oh-so-orange, you can't help but feel so blue. I miss Pong. I'm so glad I still have Ping.


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