Sunday, January 22, 2006

NISMED: Science Teachers Training Center

NISMED main building was relatively harder to sneak into conquer. It was fun *trying* to gain access to it. Deputy-Director Dr. Marlene was afraid that I'd commit suicide (really?), and even had flattering remarks on how fabulous I looked. *cough -carrot- cough* so she cordially asked Mang BA to escort me.

The staff uses this rooftop for their parties, a likely choice especially if the forecast would present clear night skies. There were nifty objects that stood on the rooftop. It's also the aircondition unit repository.

There are rooms on this floor, as you can see, there's an Observatory Room. It's currently un-used because the ex-manager, Edmund Rosales, moved to work for a TV station. And on the floor, there is also a Studio. They "shoot" stuff there, but is void of equipment.

Well, since we all want to learn scientific and mathematical teaching methods in this building, I proved that there would be no free-falling human-beings to be facilitated while I clicked on my camera an infinite number of times. My blood won't be splattered on these beautiful landings, and guess what Dr. Marlene, maybe you just saved a life.


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