Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gonzales Hall (Fake UpperFloor)

For most of you who are not from UP Diliman, no, teh Topnotcher wasn't strong enough to carry the Oblation indoors. She could, however, photoshop it climb to the "top" floor of the Main Library Building, also known as the Gonzalez Hall. This is the original Oblation made by the first National Artist for Sculpture, Guillermo Tolentino.

The floor where the main staircase ends in the main library lands on the third floor. The University Archives and Records Depository will be the first to greet you. Rm 300 are archives for famous people/alumni and their submitted requirements, most probably their theses and dissertations. Rm 301 (as seen on the image above) is for all of us regular mortals, or maybe you (because I don't think I have anything archived in there). Don't worry people, we will go back to this room later (it's a tad bit controversial).

Also on the floor is the Institute of Library Science. The administration office is one that will greet you on the main floor landing, but you can enter that^ gate entered by the unknown person over there.

I found this exteremely cute: a nested library. A library inside a library. For future librarians.
There are other nifty stuff in the hall, mostly lecture rooms and computer labs (since they offer Management Information Systems). There are also tambayans for the org (one of them is UP FLIPP). Going back out from here, we go back to Rm 301.

When I did the coverage of this building, there were books all over the place. Sort of blacked-down battered types. I thought they were recovered from a secret cellar of a famous person.

After talking to Tita Marlou Rodriguez, she told me that they were actually restoring some pieces of the personal collection of another National Artist this time for Literature, N.V.M. Gonzalez. His house was sacrificed to an electric fire.

In light of the recent events on this blog (which "terminated" me actually), it's important to honour the pseudo top floor of the Main Library building, with its staff who are capable of bringing back National Artists' treasures, even if they were caught in the flames and of course, the fact that it installed a fire exit.

Sana madali siyang babaan.

I am going to violate my own rules, because wuh. Thanks to Jonaks who informed me the mythicality of a library, and that this was a deceiving top floor.


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