Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Save Top of Your School!

Someone is trying to set my school on fire.

School Arsony being costly. In recent years there have been on average three arson attacks on schools every day.

Most of the culprits are teenagers - often high on drink or drugs - from problem families in deprived inner-city areas.

Teenagers eh? Here's the greatest solution to juvenile delinquency. [extra: kawaii! BR]

Even if you already tried to fix the source, it is true what he said: You can't have a top floor if you don't have a building.

We can always take the advice of the Koalas.

Or maybe a renovation of the school building's walls and water fountains. Let's make sure we get our own Mr. Benson: In 1912, Simon Benson, lumberman and civic leader, commissioned 20 drinking fountains with a $10,000 gift

If you can't find Mr. Benson, make sure you'll have a 20 minutes to spare during class and have a film viewing of Grief-o. (If you don't have that, excerpts of Waterworld will do). Also, you might want to take care of your firefighters.


At 14/3/06 20:55, Blogger Trixia said...

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