Saturday, January 07, 2006

Project Rules

Kamusta naman ang mundo natin?

This isn't as easy as I thought it would be. So if you are about to read this blog, here are the rules that I am about to follow.

  1. Go to a UP-Diliman building armed with digital camera and school ID.
  2. Find the staircase. Go up until the staircase runs out.
  3. Ask staff members of the building if it is the highest floor in the building.
  4. If ever there's a rooftop, attempt to access it by all means. Ask on WHY it's not easy to access. There's always a story there.
  5. Take pictures of the features of the upperfloors and pictures of what is seen from the upperfloors.
Blog entry rules:
  1. ONE entry per building (note: building, not per school/college)
  2. Minimum of one photograph and maximum of five (including the "view from the top" picture)
  3. Entry must be less than 500 words, and only display a maximum of 250 words. (Readers, click on "What's on top of all this?" for the complete entry on a rooftop/top floor).


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